AEKA Object Round [240×120]
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AEKA Object Round [240×120]


¥86,400 税込


[AEKA Object] 「あえか」か弱げな様、儚げな様の意。繊細かつ優美なフォルム。緊張感漂う華奢で繊細な高台。あえかなる佇まいをお楽しみください。 AEKA Object have a dainty and elegant shape, with a delicate base. The name is derived from the archaic word “aeka,” meaning delicate and fragile. Feel AEKA's delicate beauty. Designed by Shigeichiro Takeuchi 竹内茂一郎 φ240×120mm ケヤキ Zelkova ウレタン塗装 Polyurethane finish Color : Smoke Gray