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¥11,000 税込


[TURARI 蓋物] テーブルを彩るオブジェのような9種類の小物入れ。曲面で構成されたそのフォルムは光沢を纏い輝きを放つ。一つの塊から挽きだされた職人の技術をご堪能ください。 With 9 different varieties to choose from, TURARI Futamono are small containers like art pieces that color the table. Each one has a different shape with different types of curved lines and a glossy finish, and is made from just one block of wood. We hope you will enjoy using the TURARI Futamono made by our skillful craftsmen. Designed by Atsushi Sakai 酒井篤志 φ65×43mm ケヤキ Zelkova ウレタン塗装 Polyurethane finish Color : Gloss Plain