KARMI 菱 Fuki / Sumi 入荷いたしました

KARMI 菱 Fuki / Sumi 入荷いたしました。


KARMI is quoted from one of Haikai poetry’s concepts, karumi. Literally meaning “lightness,” it is an ideal for the style of Haikai founded by Basho Matsuo (a Japanese Haiku poet, who lived in the 17th century). We applied his Haikai concept of karumi to the product line of KARMI and hoped to express minimalism in daily life without relying on knowledge and technical skills too much. We think both haiku and design have common concepts in terms of the beauty produced from depth.

Designed by THINGS

Tea 100g


ミズメ Betula grossa

ウレタン塗装 Polyurethane finish

Color : Fuki (Brown) / Sumi (Black)

Good Design Award 2010 中小企業庁長官賞

Messe Frankfurt デザインプラス賞

The German Desigh Award 2012 SILVER